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Any of you do/wanna do music and sound for Games???

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Hey, I'm currently starting off my dissertation for my final year at college (real world next year, scary!!) I'm going under the title 'How does the relevance of Sound in Computer Games differ to that of Sound in TV and Film?' Luckily I don't have to write a HUGE amount - 6-8000 words and I've got a lot of research so far. What I'm looking for right now though is my 'primary sources' - which means people that are involved somehow in the field I'm investigating.

I've gotta think of some questions for them (although if they could spiel as much as they could that'd be great!) but I was wondering if anyone on the forum:

Is studying...
Is working...
Knows someone that does work...

...in this field. Recording/Orchestrating or whatever, it will all be good. As so far I have piles of books and online stuff but I need a real person or two hehe. If you/they do similar stuff for TV or film that'd be cool too I suppose - getting an outside perspective.

Basically I will be laying it out like so:
Brief history of sound in games
Introduction to sound (in TV/Film Environment)
The Importance of the Soundtrack (meat and potatoes of my writing)
Then bibliography, images and other stuff.

Anway, if I could rope anyone into answering some questions or giving me their thoughts it'd be most excellent of you. I've got a few weeks to do it in but I'm not leaving it till the last minute haha so the quicker I can get all the research done and organised the quicker I can write this thing up properly.

Thanks for reading :D


P.S. I may bump this regularly, hope it's ok!
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I work in sound for TV & Film. Havn't done videogames yet though. Feel free to hook up

Eh, one time I was at a Guitar Center in Houston, and this guy named Levon Louis approached me about recording some guitar for some game that was apparently about, I don't know, he said it was something like you had some rocker dude going around killing stuff with his guitar, or something ("what? Ted Nugent?"), and he needed lots of weird guitar noises. He came over to my place once, and I recorded a bunch of crap ("crap," I think is an apt description of what it was, pretty much. LOL.) I don't think it went anywhere, well, at least not what I recorded.

Anyway, his website is here:

Edit: What's a little odd, is that at least one of the photos of the studio on his website are from Southcoast (the only studio I have ever set foot in, purely by coincidence). South Coast Recorders is a studio in Friendswood, but the address he gives is in N. Post Oak, not anywhere near Friendswood (20-30 miles away.) Maybe it means nothing, maybe he's got some deal with southcoast and records there sometimes. Or, maybe he's trying to make his studio seem better than it really is by "borrowing" their pictures.. I am sure I don't know. But it seemed odd enough that I thought I ought to mention it, if I mention the place at all.
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Thanks a lot guys! As I said I'm mainly trying to get Primary research done..that is actually getting information 1st hand from people, so I appreciate people helping me out here :D:D:D.
I never really thought about it, but my friend seems to think that i'd be good at it. Of course, that may have something to do with the fact that he always hears my songs in midi form first...
Whoa, Ferrous, you live near Friendswood?

I'm in Seabrook. :)

And on topic, if I got paid to do music for games, why wouldn't I?
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