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This pup really turned out to be a hidden jem for me
reminds me a lot of the bridge pup in the EBMM EVH guitars
dimarzio claims the tone zone is the closest but this norton is way closer
it is like a fred in that it feels lower output but has more of the punch and balls of the tone zone with some great harmonics popping out
also has a great split tone
even though it is a 12.8K pup it sounds a lot meaner
really worth checking out

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the Norton is a great pickup! very underrated, a hiddem gem among Dimarzio's lineup for sure.

Roadstar's description and dimarzio's descriptions are spot on.

specs are really interesting -- 1 coil at 5k wound with #42 wire, and another coil at around 7.5k wound with #43 wire.

i sold mine, but only because i had a custom handwound pickup built to similar specs... sort of a "boutique" Norton.

also, the Norton design is similar to the "idea" behind the seymour duncan 59/custom hybrids (which are also great sounding pickups)...
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