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Any Zappa fans?

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His legacy is pretty damn huge.

Face it - Steve may have eventually gotten to where hes at today - but Frank brought him up.
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<------<<< Huge Zappa fan!

Steve Vai and the dozens of former Zappa band members were lucky to have been chosen to perform or record in the studio with the master.

Vai has never hidden his gratitude and respect for Frank as others have done in the past.
Yep, I'm a Zappa fan. I have a large collection of his albums, most on the original labels. I keep those tucked away safely and listen to the reissues (CDs).
I consider myself a recent Zappa convert, I'm just getting to know his leagcy. I have always been into 60s stuff (Stones, Hendrix, Doors) but my real musical memory only starts around 77. My musical collection largely reflects this.

Zappa is one particular area I want (need) to explore. Lately, I've been listening to "Anyway the wind Blows' containing such classics as 'Why Does it Hurt when I Pee?' 'Dead Girls of London' & 'City of Tiny Lights'.
I haven't heard as much Zappa as I'd like to, but what I've heard I've really enjoyed.
simply love it!

his sons are coming to norway to do a zappa-gig soon!

has anyone checked out the zappa-tribute dvd?

is it any good?
I've been listening to Zappa recently. I really like the Hot Rats album, great stuff. I've been trying to get the Grand Wazoo, but I can't find it.
For sure! I've been listening to Zappa since high school.
I'd get stoned with a bunch of my mates and we'd all sit around listening to Zappa records.
Some of it is damn funny. I think Bobby Brown goes down and Jewish Princess are works of comedic genius.
The Baby Snakes DVD is tremendous. It's what all music DVD's should set as a precident.

There are loads of unreleased DVD's and bootleg recordings and what not on some torrent sites as well.
Well worth checking out!
Some of the live show DVD's are just mind-blowing stuff.
Tight, tight bands and great music.

The man was a genius.
"Some people, some people prefer cupcakes, while I myself prefer muffins..."

Zappa Rules. Can I say anything else?
Frank does this tune on "Guitar". My son got it for me for my b-day a couple of years back. GREAT double CD - live guitar instrumentals & solos - concert notes - what guitar was used for each song - cool pics - Frank playing a custom Strat with a Floyd, cigarette smoldering in the peghead - real fetish stuff. Vai's all over it. Anyway, theres a tune on it called "System of Edges". Just fast, melodic, hard bluesy playing. Perfect name for the song. Frank plays his SG on that one. GAWD DAMN!!! :) It'll give you a hard-on. He just nails it. Tone only Zappa could achieve. Just... BEAUTIFUL!

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Frank was shredding before it was called shredding.
My brother was a big Zappa fan, and he really got me into it. I wouldn't say I love everything he has done, some of it is just not that accessible, but then he has produced a huge body of work, so there is probably a track or two for everyone that they don't get.

I still listen to as much Zappa as I can. In fact the first time I really heard vai was on Zappa records in the late eighties. I never was really into the whole DLR, Whitesnake thing until I became much more of a Vai fan. I was totally blown away his playing (obviously), I thought that anyone who Zappa respected that much as a guitar player must be seriously good.

In fact that live video (does humour belong in music?) is still one of my favourite of all time.

I think he also discovered Alice Cooper. I could be wrong though.
I'm a Zappa fan too! He is my favorite musician ever!
For rock musicians, playing with Frank Zappa is just like jazz musicians playing with Miles Davis!!!!

Zappa owns. I have 59 Zappa albums, which is almost all of them (might even be all of them I have never counted!).

Even if you don't like Zappa, everyone hear should make sure they hear the song "Titties 'N' Beer" off of Zappa in New York, it is truely hilarious. Be sure to get the full length version though which is 7:35 long (Terry Bozzio played the devil in that one!).

"I’ll give you two clues. let go of your pickle"
"Let go of your pickle!"
"I’m not holding my pickle"
"Well, who’s holding your pickle then?"
"I don’t know...she’s out in the audience... hey Dale, would you like to come up here and hold my pickle to satisfy this weird man out on the stage?"
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