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Title pretty much says it all.

I got a new old '85 RS440 for Christmas, it's in fairly good shape and mostly original. I'm seriously contemplating putting it into service as a gigging axe, if I can get it stabilized.

I know. This thread is worthless without pics.

The good: no real rust, pitting or grime, the neck and body are nearly pristine, the frets are in remarkably good shape for a 30 year old guitar, the pickups and electronics are clean - even the push/push is still working! The bridge is not in terrible shape - somebody has replaced one of the screws for the string blocks but the replacement does the job for now, and the notorious T-blocks are not showing any signs of fatigue or damage. After a little setup, it plays phenomenally.

The bad: the strap buttons are missing (I use a Cliplock anyway), the arm is missing (it accepts the arm from my Jem), the claw screws were pretty chewed up....and I don't guess I have to tell those who know about the stability issues with the Pro Rock'r bridge.

Okay...so, stability. It's not unbearable, but I'm so used to my Edge systems returning flawlessly, I've gotten spoiled. Hell, even a well tuned Bigsby is better than this.

I'm on a crazy tight budget right now; I thought about something like a Tremol-no, but really can't swing the ~$80. I thought about the Goeldo Backbox or even the little angle bracket style trem stoppers, but I'd rather avoid putting new holes in an axe this clean. (Trust me, I've modded my share of workhorse guitars, it's not that I'm squeamish.) I'm also not sure they'd work, given the distance between the block and the body - there's a good inch or so gap, much more than an Edge rout.

Any thoughts?

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