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Anybody Know Who This "KAT" Chic is???

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Guitar Player did a thing on this Juliard Grad Violinist/turned shredder, The Great Kat-

Ummm.......Gee..........The article really SUCKED.

What do you guys think of her?
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She's been around since the late '80s and clearly her career has gone nowhere.

And i've never seen a photo of her with her mouth closed.
Horrible... eh... "music".

That is all I have to say.
Oh, how about some "highlights" from the article? :lol:
whatshisname said:
Oh, how about some "highlights" from the article? :lol:
I'm afraid I coundn't quote them here.....tooo vulgar.

What a lovely little bird to take home to the parents......
I read the same article and was bored to say the least.

She's hoping to parlay some leather and chains with boobs into a lucrative career. Unfortunately, she's playing the same boring harmonic minor runs that Yngwie's been recycling for 15 years. It was lame when Malmsteen did it, lamer when he kept repeating himself, and just dumb when you try to package it up with boobs and leather.

neoclassical shred is lame.
I like the Yng.
He's obnoxious, krass and egotistical.
He's got brass ones and is in your face.
He plays out with A DOZEN Marshall cabs & heads each.
He releases the FOOKIN FURY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahhhhhhhhhhh......now THAT's Rock & Roll.................
despite the fact that she doesn't look like she's the full quid, i do love her outfits!
Shes at least technically gifted in the same vein that malmsteen is, her tone sucks balls i always thought, but she can shred I will give her that. Just little to no songwriting skills. Shes still a monster player, and im sure would be capable of setting in with the best of them. We just need more female players in my opinion
Well. the givaway is her degree from Julliard.
I'll bet she's even more impressive on violin- you can't suck if you get into that school.
I think unfortunately there is very little call for a violin-playing dominatrix....
but I lead a sheltered life....I woudn't know these things.
Well if those chicks from the group Bond dressed in skimpy leather that would be pretty hot!!!
You know, to this day, I have never cared to check her music out. I dont think I will from what I heard. I MIGHT of heard of her music way back but dont remember any of it. :lol:

Darren, I too, haven't seen a photo of her with her mouth closed. :mrgreen:
I know plenty of girls who only have their mouths open in pictures.... I don't want to listen to any of them :)
A quick scan round her website has convinced me that I have no desire to hear her music!

On top of everything else the arrogance is quite ludicrous - you think she had invented speed metal, and neoclasical.
Flobanez said:
You know, to this day, I have never cared to check her music out. I dont think I will from what I heard. I MIGHT of heard of her music way back but dont remember any of it. :lol:

Darren, I too, haven't seen a photo of her with her mouth closed. :mrgreen:
I just checked webpage and thaat was it for me.


I think her jaw is permanently locked in that "open" position! Maybe she actually has lock-jaw, and we are all here making fun of the poor, slightly strange lady, lol :)

I like Yngwie a hell of alot, he is my god. But this lady I will never come to like at all. Its all a bit too....."tacky" and "fake" for my liking. Dont get me wrong, the lady can most defenitely play - but cant she just do it normally? lol Whats with the whole "open mouth" thing, and the costumes? I just dont quite get it.

I checked out a clip from her DVD, and didnt like what I saw at all. It looked to be more like a show or an act, rather than someone playing guitar!
Yeah i know it was sad to see the 80's go but you have to move on man!
I read the review and have to add these points:

- Anyone that refers to themselves in the 3rd person is crazy "THE GREAT KAT DOESN'T NEED A [ding-dong]"

- Anyone that calls themselves "The -GREAT- [name]" is asking for ridicule. There is a very fine line between confidence and arrogance.

- To quote the interview: "Listen, people are stupid, and they want the easist forumula for their slow-thinking brains".
Yes, because we are all so stupid for deciding not to repeat the same scale over and over again. Insulting your audience is going to get you nowhere. It's not big or clever. It's Malmsteen.

- To quote again: "People would rather listen to Madona then Mozart. Now if they were intelligent [...]"
Okay, let's point something out here. Why don't we all just quit the music industry, because quite obviously we shouldn't be in it if there's already been geniuses. I'm no fan of Madona, but to say that people should only listen to Mozart and any other classical/baroque/whatever is just rubish.

- She's over the top. The kind of person you'd expect to see shouting at someone if they were 2 foot away from them for no reason. I think all the 'loud rock' has deafened her or something because she felt the need to take everything out on that poor interviewer (aww, poor soul).

At least she's doing something right, and uses an Ibanez S1520 ;)
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She's probably some sweet lady to her neighbors - they probably don't even know she IS "the great kat". "Oh, yeah, that violin player from next door. She's really good, but I guess there aren't any jobs for violin players. Yeah, she soundproofed her basement. I dunno what she does down there. Maybe she writes children's books or something and wants to keep the noise out..." ;)
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