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Anybody played one of these?

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The new peavey predators. AAA quilted maple over basswood.....they seem nice for the $$$.
Anyone played one?
http://www.peavey.com/products/inst...7434/Predator(tm) Plus Transparent Amber.html
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I've played one before and had some decent fun with it. I even got the Mock floyd rose to flutter little! The neck I thought was a little thicker than I prefer, more like a strat or tele neck. I think it's a safe purchase, but I still wouldn't do it just because it's chinese made. HOWEVER, you can buy a USA made mid 90's peavey predator for dirt cheap, below $200
you're welcome :)

yea no floating trems in the 90's, though I believe the late 80's predators had kahlers, but that's a little old... May end up spending more time fixing it than playing it. but if you do it right you can go a long way with a vintage trem too. I have a washburn x-33 with a vintage trem and i dive bomb the hell out of it. just gotta mess with the screws and stuff. But anyway i'm probably just beating a dead horse, honestly for what you need it for it's sounds like the newer predator would be just fine. New, fairly cheap, and pretty reliable. Chinese stuff really isn't all bad, my reservation for it is mostly just out of spite, not really bad experience.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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