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Anyone have David Letterman perfermance?

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Hi, Does anyone have the video where Vai plays on David Letterman? I've checked the thread but all the links don't seem to work anymore.

Email me at [email protected] if you have it, greatly appreciated

Thanks, Andy
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I do. it's 42.5 MB, so i can't email it.

i'm KennyInvisible on AIM - i'll direct transfer it if you want.
Send me a msg.
I know this is annoying, but is there any chance you could upload it to a site? That way lots of ppl can get.
I would like to see this one too ;).


Kennydoe, if it's not too much trouble why not try uploading it on www.megaupload.com, it's pretty reliable but download speeds vary quite a bit.

Thanks :)
I down loaded it from Bear Share, I'm not sure if it's the complete clip but you might want to try there. chef21
I have the Bear Share version too, it's the full clip. He plays an abridged version of Ballerina 12/24, then a crazy solo followed by Liberty.
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