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We just picked one of these up for church (for $90!) and I wanted to know if anyone has one or has comments. The effects are okay, but pretty limited. I've listened to it and I'm pretty pleased with the preamp sounds, for an ART anyway. What I'm looking for are things you DIDN'T like about it, so I can work around it, or decide if we're going to e-bay it, and use the money somewhere else. Also tell me if you had one and it malfunctioned. I might use it myself, so I can't afford for it to freak out during church.

This one makes a pretty loud acoustic noise. It's the transformer vibrating the cage, so I might try insulating the mount. Did yours do that too?

BTW, I can't do an effective search, because the word "art" is too common. So if you know any good thread links where it's been discussed, feel free to post them.

Finally, the ART website only has the manual for the DST combos. Which will do fine, but some of the preamp/fx parameters don't line up. So if anyone has a pdf of the manual for this one let me know.
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