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Bad Horsie 2 - who uses the contour mode?

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I'm just about to order a bad horsie wah pedal and I'm debating whether or not to spend the extra on the mk2 version.

If you own one I'd be interested to know whether you actually use the extra features and what you think about it?

John P.
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i never use it.it adds a whole lot of noise and i don't really care about tweaking the contour.and it just gets in the way if you have something next to it.i'm probably just gonna get the standard bad horsie myself.
Using the contour (all cranked!!! lol) gives it that animalistic snarl, kinda like Kirk Hammett's wah. I'd say spend the extra cash, the contour will give you options to your tone, instead of being stuck with just one tone.
Thanks for the replies guys... 1 one for and 1 against ... hmmm.

It would be a lot easier if a local shop sold them so I could try it.
I suspect that I'll either find the extra mode a waste of time and get in the way or get the cheaper one and wish I had the extra flexibility....
Go for the 2, for a few bucks more it is always a useful addition to be able to alter the sound.
Deinitely get the 2. The regular mode just doesn't cut through the distortion very well when you're playing a distorted signal (at least with my setup). The contour mode adds a nice boost as well as cutting through the gain very nicely to give a very sweet sweep. It does add some noise, but it's to be expected.
hey you guys are convincing even me to keep the 2.it's just that i have a whammy pedal set up next to it and i'll step on one while trying to change the other.it adds a large amount of noise with my rig at home,but i'll try my main rig.yeah,i'll change my initial decision.i say go for the 2 also.
Bad horsie 2 has now been ordered.... thanks guys :)
how much will u be paying for it?
i got it for 159$
I used the contour mode almost exclusively... I thought the standard mode was a bit too weak.

I say used, because I just offloaded it on evilbay this morning. :)
Damn, I nearly bid on that one, but haven't verified my paypal account and so my transfer limit is reached until I do. I should have emailed you through **** to check if you'd accept other payment methods :-(

Nevermind a new one will arrive in the next couple of days :)
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