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As a soldier in Korea from 2000-2001, I put together an all-soldier band that was hired by the Army's Morale Welfare and Recreation (MWR) Department. We were paid $500 a show, and typically played 7-8 shows a month. WE WERE AN EXCEPTION!

The Army hires numerous civilian bands every year to perform in Korea on 4-month tours. A lot of bands do not know about this.

Here are the main details:

- Play 85-110 shows total (5-6 nights a week)
- Army Pays for travel over and back and lodging
- Must submit DVD or VHS of live performance
- Must CD and Pomro Packet
- You tell Army how much you want per show - $500 minimum is my suggestion

All the specific details are in this memo:

MWR Band Korea

So, if you are in band that all the members can tour, this could be a great gig.

The individual that hired my band still works there (his contact info is in memo) I can put in a good word for anyone interested and help faciltate the process.
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