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...ok folks, here's a new twist to the thread....TUNING.

I've noticed that bit by bit, my new 2550 is getting out of tune after the big dives and such. My microtuners are getting really low, and I have no play left in the high E. I figure it's cause the strings weren't sufficiently stretched during setup in the shop, what do you think?

I'll read around for ways to remedy, as I have the sites now, but is it possible to slack the tuners to 'reset' the microtuners, restretch, and live happily ever after? Or do I need to retune the whole guitar?

Come to think of it, those boys at the shop..I think they scammed me on the strings!...I requested Ernie Ball Hybrids, but they feel a bit stiff....I understand time is an issue during a setup as it's not a real booked shop time thing, but really...a proper setup with a floating trem seems KEY to keeping it in tune and happy!

Any suggestions?
41 - 41 of 41 Posts