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My work was getting rid of extra parts and odds and ends. So i picked up these old brackets. I knew they would come in handy for something. Turns out they work great as a desktop mic stand. Pardon the mess the next project is more storage and organization for the desk.

I sold the diamond head in the background and bought a mesa nomad 45 combo. I emailed Mesa about getting a rackmount kit for it. The guy said the chassis was too long to fit in a rack. I am not sure what he was talking about so i decided to save myself around 150$ and make my own rackmount kit.

A while back i got a sweet deal on this Randall t2c. I got it and it had a flimsy non-original back panel. I cut a piece of wood, stained and finished it. As a bonus the amp's speaker had been changed out for a Jensen Tornado Stealth 100 with a neodymium magnet so it is lighter and sounds great.

I got a great deal on an epiphone sj-200. The top had some light cracks, and a brace loose. I glued the brace and cleated the cracks. This weekend I was able to make a bone saddle for it. If you are looking to improve the tone of a cheaper acoustic getting a bone saddle really does make a large difference.

Yesterday, I found a deal on another Randall amp, an rg75 g2 and was able to trade an extra Ibanez Bass. I got the bass for 75$ so it was a win-win. The mesa had a vintage 30 in it, so i threw it in there and it smoothed out a little bit of the high end harshness.

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