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Hey guys

Always wanted to delve into guitar mods and learning about the electronic configuration and wiring. So I bought a cheap RG350DX and pumped a fair bit of money into new parts and electronics. These parts haven't all arrived yet so I haven't started into yet.

I knew it was going to be hard to get to grips with initially, but the more I read online and in these forums, the more confused and unsure I become.

I know it's a long shot..... but would anyone be willing to answer some of my beginner questions via private messaging/email, that I'm sure some people take for granted and maybe give a basic walkthrough of what is going on in wiring diagrams? I learn much better by asking questions, rather than reading through copious web pages and other people's threads.

I really want to learn and get it right and I've set out an ambitious target for the configuration I want to achieve and hopefully, someone will be kind enough to talk me through some of it. Many of the modifications I would like to make have no set reason, other than that I would like to learn as much as possible through this first mod.
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