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Big Dave...about practice time

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I don't know if you or Mr. Vai practice a lot like the old days...I know you have a pro career in music but you tour a lot with Vai and maybe you had bring out your music to a live show too...but tell me how much time you dedicate to practice?? did Mr Vai practice in his spare time??...for me he don't jejeje for me he spend free time in writting and touring just like you jejeje but tell me about it...jeje Im curious...
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I don't really practice anymore. If I write a riff and can't play it well, then I'll shed it until I've got it down. But I don't sit with scales or chords much anymore. I do some technique exercises to warm up occassionally but that's about it. Now it's mostly writing, recording and performing. I'm pretty sure Steve is in the same boat.
Cool!! Thank you Big Dave?
Stupidhead2005 said:
what is jejeje supposed to mean?
hehehe im guessing
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