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Bigsby on a jaguar?

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Figured since I've gone to a bunch of other forums to discuss this topic I figured I'd see what everyone on this site would think. Considering the fact that this site is my fave and I hold everyones opinions in very high regards. I digress. I've had this fender jaguar japanese reissue for quite some time. It was my first real guitar and I've been searching for various ways to restore it to it's original glory. It recently occured to me that I could replace the Jaguar trem tail piece with a horseshoe style bigsby similar to those found on some fender telecasters. It also needs a new bridge and a new neck pickup. I even went as far as to consider a new custom neck from warmoth but they don't make headstock access trussrod setups for jag necks. So that idea went out the window. I've been thinking about a mini Seymour duncan 59 for the neck pickup. The current bridge is an SD mini JB. I've also been looking at some replacement tuners for the vintage style klusons that are on there. Any suggestions? I'm pretty dead set on the bigsby but I would like to know who makes the best locking tuners. So far all signs point to sperzel. Thanks for your time guys and sorry for the lengthy post.
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Sperzel makes the best. There is a reason they're better but I can't remember all of the specifics right now but may post again once I get it all together.
I'm also thinking about having a swirl finish put on it any recomendations on who to go to for that? I've been thinking EKG. I really like Tubaros heaven swirl and I'd like to either have something similar to that or perhaps a black/red or a green/blue/purple any ideas?
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