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A week Last Monday i had a off...i spent 3 days in southport (local place) hospital after chucking my bike down a long right hand sweeper....DOHH
Ive been very lucky although i got a corking 5 inch cut down to the bone going across my knee..lucky there is no tendon damage .

Im doing ok so far many drugs keep me smiling and sleepy.
still not quite sure what happened but it doesnt matter now as im ok ..a bit achy and stiff but other than the cut across my knee im fine .
There was fears i had cut through the muscle/tendons that go over the knee cap as i could see the bone but it all had been pushed across to one side ...after a good wash out with salene(sp?) and a few stiches in the op im all good as new .but need to keep it straight for up to 6 weeks wich is the only real pain .

suppose the bruising will show in the next week or so.
The cause of the cut was the foot peg must have dug in when i went down .

Damage to bike is quite minimal .
all right hand side
Mirror scuffed up although not broke.
Fairing is scraped as this took most of the impact.
inside panel broke away .
Indicator broken although those are mini LED ones i had.
clutch casing fooked.
front brake lever.
Belly pan scraped underneath (?)

thats it ..god knows how the Can/seat cowl or Tank didnt get scraped at all but they are fine .

A friend rode the bike home the same night and he says everthing is ok ..runs fine and nothing seems out of line.

For all you morbid buggers PICS (of the bike) can be seen here

so if any of you guys are out and about on your bike..Take it easy And keep the shiny side up

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that horrible expensive sound as you are sliding on your ass, is there anything worse. Good to hear you're ok and seem to be reacting to this the right way. The bike got off remarkably light. Are you planning on getting back on ?.

Take it easy

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Wow. Three days seems a long time to be in the hospital for a leg injury.

I looked at the pics. Nice bike! I love those (crotch rockets in general) and would probably own one, but I'd kill myself.

Get well soon.

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Sorry to hear that man! The poor FZ1!!! I've been in a bad wreck myself, and know it's no fun, and all a blur!! Best wishes to a speedy recovery, for both you and your ride!

For everyone who doesn't wear full leathers....beware!! Never again will I wear just jeans and common leather jacket...

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worry not my friend, my dad races bikes and would laugh at that amount of damage to your bike! merely cosmetic is his catchphrase (as he gets the gaffa out hahaha) so panic not, and as far as the leg goes, we know some1 that races in spite of havin an artificial one so you should be able to keep on biking!!!
on the plus side u get some cool scars to show off!!
get well soon man, and never give up biking! if u think its too dangerous then take up racing, lot safer (not bein silly, it is!!)
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