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BKP, Lundgren users, pls come in..

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I hear/read from his site about the BKP and Lundgren pickups.
Interested to try, but the pickups gonna cost a fortune ( compare to regular Dimarzio or duncans), So better to ask opinion before buying.

I have a problem with 'twang', it's slight buzzing because of my picking attack, and maybe the action of the guitar too.
this twang only get annoying when playing with distortions.

with bright pickups ( Duncan Distortion, dimebucker) the twang got worse.
with darker sounding pickups ( Duncan Parallel Axis Distortion, Tone Zone, Dactivator X) the twang is still under tolerance.
so far, I think the PATB2B is the best for me. It's just got the right amount of EQ to compensate the twang, and the level of gain is perfect too. Tone Zone is OK, but not really my taste. Dactivator X has so much gain so the bass respond and resonance sometimes too much.. yeah + I'm not that kind of guy who loves to tweek the amp eq....

So I do realize, I'm looking for dark sounding pickup to compensate the twang.

BKP warpig is less treble, maybe it's a good choice.
Lundgren..? M6 maybe? what do you think?

So any opininion from the users of the mentioned pickups , please feel free to jump in.

PS : I'm not looking to replace any of the pickups from my existing guitars, but considering the right pickups for the very next guitar I'm gonna buy .. :)
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I think you should first fix your buzzing problem before dicking with the pickups.
If that "twang"is realy that bad as you describe, i would try a different volume-tonepot.
See what happens,at least its cheaper than pickups.

I use duncans and bare knuckles in basswood body's,no twang what so ever
The Duncans i used so far are; JB ,Jazz,59,distortion,full-shred,dimebucker,hotrails and 78customshop(EVH).

The distortion and dimebucker are not my cup of tea.(no mids)

The bare knuckles i used so far are; Warpig and nailbomb.(both with alnico 4 magnets)

The warpig didnt cut it for me. to muddy.

But ever since i heard and played the nailbombs i stopped looking further. this is IT.
Ive got two guitars now equiped with a set of calibrated nailbombs and there great.
From thrash to jazz they make me smile.
However i have to say they are overal a bit more noisy compared to the duncans when the gain gets turned up.

And yes they are expensive compared to other pup brands.
But then again,a SD Customshop pu is the same price as a set of bare knuckels.
Well,at least to me. i bought a SD78 CS. for 220,- and the Nailbombset was 240,-

The bare knuckels have a nice choise in pickup covers too,but then again,in my experience they wear of pretty fast.
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1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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