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I stopped at the Chicago Music Exchange today on the way home from a business trip. They had a Black Dog in the display case when I got there...and by the time I left they were putting the Silver Surfer in with it...and let me play them. What a place....I took a bunch of pictures in a total geek out. It was awesome !!! I've attached a few below if you are interested.

I've had quite the Joe Satriani bonanza lately. I stumbled upon a JS 1600 for $1200 on closeout at a Sam Ash and bought it on the spot...never having heard of that model before....I did a total double take when I saw it. I totally fell in love with it right there though....sustain for days, just sounds monstrous too (the headstock is a little ugly I'll give ya...but it plays so smooth and sounds sooooo good... and that's all that really mattered to me.) Then today's trip to CME and when I got home the copy of the Legacy Edition of SWtheA I finally got around to ordering for the DVD was in the mail pile.

....I sure hope I LOVE Chickenfoot when it comes out ?!?!?!

Joe's the man, that's for sure !!

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