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Hallo...any opinnions on this? I am having a boss gx-700..i am pretty much satisfied with it...i am using it with roland fc-200 foot controller, and i like the possibility to modify any of the parametars in real time, using fc-200...
The thing is, that those amp models on POD sound very tempting..but still haven't tried it...gx-700 also has some models simulated, but much less than POD (boss is made in 1996. if i am right)...
The price of both of these with foot controllers is similar...but i am not sure if POD's original foot controller can be as much as comfortable to use for real time editing parameters (harmonist level, pitch shifting etc, etc...), as fc-200 with boss...
My Boss has more effects, and POD has amp models- which, IF they are any good, and i guess they are, are more important for me, cause the good distortion is the most important thing for me, since my playing is mostly heavy oriented...I know that best thing for good dist is good amp, but i don't have enough money for mesa and stuff like that, so that i need multi fx, since besides dist, i need all kinds of effects...
So, just tell me, if you have tried both of these, what are your oppinions...? Is it worth the trouble going from BOSS GX-700 to POD(both with foot controllers)?..maybe i should go for gt-8...?i dunno, really...
need some clever replys!:)
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