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Bought myself a cool drumset

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Here it is:


Picked up also a JPM100P3 last week. Sorry don´t have any pics of it.
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sweet setup , i need to get me a kit and start playin
I bought one a few years ago...i always played ehough to get by, but not with any expertise....thought i'd play more if i had one.

Long story short, they're a little dusty. :(


My kit. Guitar will always be my true musical passion... but drums are a close second.

Hope that link still works. I need a new photo hosting site.
Nice kit, is the room soundproofed? My brother used to have a kit, but you heard it a few houses away, so wasnt really practicle for home use.
I live in the country. No need for soundproofing. The 100 watt marshalls drown out the drums anyway!!!!!
glockhead said:
Nice lookin kit dood. Catalina or?????
Thanks. The drums aren´t Gretsch although the reso head may indicate so. They are Premier Signia Marquis.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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