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Brazilian Scammer Victims Unite

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After the last classified this guy ran that had everybody salivating, it's time for a thread where his victims can share information in a centralized place.

I was contacted by a guy last week that lost $900 to this guy for a supposed BSB. I told him to post a thread here because only when people start sharing all the info they know can a worthy complaint be filed with the right authorities in Brazil to have any chance of either catching this guy, making enough aware that he finds fewer victims, or finally drive him off this board and somewhere else to find victims. Evidently he would rather take his beating in private because he didn't start a thread, hopefully he'll chime in on this one.

By sharing your experiences and details you're helping not only each other, but the rest that would fall to this predator.

A little help and coordination from some of our Brazilian members and some good could come of this.
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i am not a very old member here, but I'd suggest that glenn makes some policies for newbies selling their stuff here. like they have to be contacted by phone or something. they can PM the number etc...i mean SOMETHING has to be done.
megadeth said:
i am not a very old member here, but I'd suggest that glenn makes some policies for newbies selling their stuff here. like they have to be contacted by phone or something. they can PM the number etc...i mean SOMETHING has to be done.
Glen discussed this briefly but nothing solid came out of it.


A bit off topic here but...

A couple of months back I was browsing around the local **** marketplace whan lo and behold! A JEM7DBK in perfect condition with included hardcase with the starting price of RM140 (US $37). It'd be sensible if it had a reserve. It was a clear scam because the seller had no feedback and the guitar was supposedly located in China, Malaysia(????). Apparently, the seller also had a Taylor TC5 Custom going for the same starting price, but unlike the DBK, some poor fools actually bidded on this one. I'm seriously pissed off too 'cause it's scammers like these that are preventing Malaysian bidders from buying items from overseas countries. And as for the seller Rich mentioned, hope he gets what's coming to him.
i am looking into restricting newbies in some capacity. even if it is to make them make a few posts in a certain area for better/more IP tracking. Unfortunately it's a holiday week and Jim our Classified Watchdog is away otherwise this would probably have been detected even quicker than the short time it took.

Still, most of this is self-induced as alot of you guys JUMP on good deals leaving common sense on the back burner. The kid Rich is talking about is even more IGNORANT since he didn't warn the rest of us & fess up after being punk'd :( ...glen
After we identified this guy as a scammer, I strung himalong and was able to get the following information out of him regarding his address. The following is a copy and paste of an email he sent me:

Dear MJP,
i can make everything for $3280 shipped. please check at
http://www.westernunion.com to find a local agent near your adress, they
only accept cash as payment method, this way is safe for we both and i'll
feel more confortable, i was ripped off last year through paypal ) : bad
experience - live and learn!!

Best regards,
Alam Harleyn
[email protected]
R. Heinrich Hemmer, 1070
Blumenau, SC
89070-000 / Brasil

Hope this helps some of you guys who may have sent him money.
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Hey everyone
I just got a message from Glen informing me this Alam is a thief. I didn't know and I trusted him a few weeks ago and I lost 900$.
Here are the information he gave to me :

> LAST NAME: Harleyn
> STREET: R. Heinrich Hemmer, 1070
> CITY: Blumenau
> ZIPCODE: 89070-000
> COUNTRY: Brasil

I sent him 900$ for a white jem JEM7VWH that he was supposed to sell for about 900$ including shipping.

If someome needs it, I still have all the emails he sent to me.
I will put my lawyer on it, just in case I can do something.

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I'm really too far away BLUMENAU, since i'm at São Paulo - S.P.
The best thing to do is to find some nice BrazilianJemsiter near this adress to track him and really find him and really kick his a$$!
BTW this Alam, or Letsa, or something else (this isn't a real brazilian name anyway) is a forum user, so if you're reading this:
(Stop screw people. Planet earth is really small and the planet's spinning' around every single day. The judgement day is comming).
Peace and luck to everyone else.
I'm asking about some legal advice here.
I'll keep in touch.
I wish I had more information to add, other than I have gone to www.IC3.gov and filed an official international fraud complaint. I still have all of the emails that he sent as well. I am updating them with the different names that this guy has used. I recommend everyone affected by the cheap F*** go and do the same thing in hopes that something come out of it.


This guy is all over the place here!! The above is my contribution to this thread. Hopefully this thread will protect others here.

being a brazilian (and honest) folk, the titles bothers me...so along with Tubarao and although I live in Sao Paulo (far, far away from Blumenau) maybe I can help too...

I just checked with the phone company for a telephone number in that address, not much to my surprise it didn't have a # listed, but I was not convinced since the address is a foreigner name (Heinrich Hemmer, 1070), maybe the operator didn't get it quite right, and it was... I just googled the addy and found that the above addy is real, it belongs to a Enviromental organization (kind like green peace) called Esquilo verde (green squirrel to you folks), it has a telephone number, i just called there but since it's saturday no one answer'd and I highly doubt that someone with a name like that (Alam Harleyn) will exist there. On monday I'll try again...

if it's a deal over 200, 300 dollars, I think people should be more careful with their deals, a long distance call don't cost that much nowadays, and english is a universal language. So a good idea would be to include at least a phone number, so maybe the community can help in cases like that.

If that mothertrucker :) lives nearby me, I would definately track his ass down and inform the police about his deeds.

But something still intrigues me, if you guys sent him $$$ he needs to draw it somehow, and for doing it he needs to show some ID. Maybe the person that was scammed could fullfil us with some paperwork, like a deposit receipt, or something...the more evidences the better

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Ok, the thread seems to be dead since a long time but he (the seller) is still alive and I have some "updates":

Allam C. Hemeryl
Rua Crispim Mira, 1668 - sl.1202
Florianópolis - SC
CEP 88020-540 Brazil

He speaks a little bit german and found my name on a german marketplace site where I searched for a JEM.

A few weeks ago he offered me a JEM 77 FP for 1200 EUR, yesterday (i renewed the search) offered me a BFP for about 1000 EUR.

The first time he used the email [email protected], yesterday i recieved a mail from [email protected] (nearly the same but not exactly).

He told me he wants to sell about 9 JEMs. The first time he contacted me i was scared of buying and he send me a list of references, I think he has registered all this adresses:

Here some references from my last overseas deals (i dealt over 62 times overseas since 1999 and never had any problem about lost package or extra customs):

Robbie Randall (Cardiff, UK)
[email protected]
Marc Bouise Vazzoler (Paris, France)
[email protected]
Spencer N. Towell (Phoenix, AZ-USA)
[email protected]
Frèderic Morgan (Québec, Canada)
[email protected]
Ngozi Akerele (Johannesburg, South Africa)
[email protected]
Howie Friedman (Marina Del Rey, CA- USA)
[email protected]
Nicholas W. McEveety (East Rutherford, New Jersey - USA)
[email protected]
Terry U. O'Dea (Auckland, New Zealand)
[email protected]
Gianluca Ravenna (Cagliari, Italia)
[email protected]
Darryl Briers (Houston, TX- USA)
[email protected]
Gaston Boggio (Córdoba, Argentina)
[email protected]
Hikida Tanaka (Fukoka, Japan)
[email protected]
Guilherme Tavares Braga (Porto Alegre- RS, Brasil)
[email protected]
Henry Peltz & Kelsey Fain Peltz (Saskatoon, Canada)
[email protected]
Robard Granger (Galway, S. Ireland)
[email protected]
Fredrik Stjärne (Stockholmo, Sverige)
[email protected]
Mathew Rees Lloyd (Perth, Australia)
[email protected]
John Ellwin (Ipswich, England)
[email protected]
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Florianópolis, that's not too far from where I used to live in Brazil. If someone here could check up on this guy....
Florianópolis, that's not too far from where I used to live in Brazil. If someone here could check up on this guy....
I think he just pretends to live in Brazil, i guess he lives somewhere else.
I think he just pretends to live in Brazil, i guess he lives somewhere else.
He is definitely from Brazil, unless he can get all his IP's to track to Brazil intentionally, but I doubt he's an IP wiz, just a con wiz jagoff cokasmoker.
I can't believe this scumbag is still operating years later...sooner or later he's going to scam the wrong person and get his comeuppance.
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