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Breed vs. Tone Zone Bridge

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Who's played them and what do you think.
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I've played them.

The breed bridge sounds less thick and bassy, and harmonics don't jump out; you need to be a bit accurate. However, the tone is more focused, the low end is tight... and overall, its more vintage voiced.

The TZ is just fatness... low end is a bit flabby... great harmonics, very easy to get them. Tone is overal more modern sounding.

On clean, I prefer the Breed... its just more acoustic like and when split, its a very convincing single coil tone. The TZ when split, well, you have to choose the correct coil, either its going to be warm and fat and responsive on the flat head screws coil... or quacky but un-responsive single coil tone on the adjustable screws coil.

I liked the TZ's impressive low end and mid range... but i missed the Breed's tightness and cleans.
I have a demo of TZ in mahogany and breed in basswood. It's not a perfect A/B, but it might help you. Check the Pickups/Wiring sections for my posts and you'll find them (they may be buried a little deep)

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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