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Hi everybody!

I´m selling a Brian May RS Custom 64 RELIC, specially made by RS Custom Guitars for his endorser Daniel Gomez, wich is the guitarist from WE WILL ROCK YOU musical in Madrid, also guitarist of MOMO (one of the best Queen Tribute Bands EVER) and now in TOXIC PRODUCTIONS

This guitar is the closest you can get to Brian May´s original Red Lady.


Neck: Cut from finest quality one piece mahogany and a modern 2 way adjustable truss rod.

Fingerboard: Quarter sawn white oak, fitted with mother-of-pearl position and side markers, and fretted with Dunlop fretwire. Each fretboard is finished and polished as the original. 7.25" radius 24 frets on a 24" scale.

Nut: 1960's Bakelite.

Body: Constructed from oak and blockboard then veneered with the finest one piece mahogany, then bound with white celluloid binding. All electrical cavities fully copper screened to reduce noise.

Pickups: Burns Tri-sonics, fully re-modeled and re-wound to mimic the differences in the original pickups. These pickups are custom made in the UK.

Tuners: Locking tuners fitted with modified Gotoh pearl buttons.

Bridge: Custom machined aluminum blocks, fitted with 2 piece stainless steel rollers.

Tremolo: The block is machined from a mild steel block it is then fitted with a custom built tremolo arm assembly that rocks on a hardened steel knife edge, which is anchored to the oak center. The motorcycle inner valve springs are then located on the block with machined brass ferrules. The tremolo arm is bent to reproduce the feel and look of the original.

Switches: 3 pickup selector switches and 3 phase reversal switches. These switches are switchcraft brand items. These are then mounted to an aluminum chassis plate that' is fixed like the original guitar.

Pots: To get the true BM sound, the pots have to have the correct value and taper, and also to have a loose, yet quality feel. With manufacturing tolerances of + or - 10%. All the pots used are individually tested to make sure they meet the correct spec. These are then mounted with the Oil and paper .033 Ohm capacitor to the aluminum control plate, and fitted with custom machined control knobs.

Pickguards: The pickguard, pickup surrounds, tremolo cover and truss rod cover are all constructed from black Perspex, to match the original parts. All the Perspex parts are finely polished.

Finish: Each RS Custom is finished with a durable 2 part finish to provide a lifetime of protection and beauty. With color that is reproducing the legendary color of the original.

This same guitar in action (you can see a lot of videos of Daniel Gomez paying this same guitar):

You can find more info about the guitar and builder in http://www.rscustomguitars.com

Guitar is in perfect condition (as perfect as a RELIC can be, of course), has been gently played by Dani but has been always revised and adjusted.

Price: 3000€

You can PM here or email me to [email protected]
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