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Bridge problems JT 585T

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I have had huge tuning problems with JT 585T jackson tremolo

on my jackson rr

when ever I bend a string or use the whammy it goes out of tune

can it be fixed??

would an original floyd fit inside??
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What type of bridge is that, a floating floyd rose style, or a more traditional "Fender" style?
Its a floyd style. Don't know about OFRs, but I think a Schaller Floyd might fit in there (but I might be wrong).
I dont like schaller trems

how about an ibanez edge??
wildchild247 said:
I dont like schaller trems

how about an ibanez edge??
Ive seen very few mods which had the edge tremolo in a jackson guitar, im willing to bet its too large. What dont you like about the schaller? Its a great tremolo system in my honest opinion better than the original floyd.
Still having problems with my tremolo

If I divebomb once it goes out of tune especially the g b & e strings

Any solutions??
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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