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Yeah, I got a new RG3EXFM1 as my second guitar and my first Ibanez, and I LOVE it.
Admittedly, it isn't anything too special compared to some of the guitars I've seen on here, but it gets the job done.
I got it because it has a fixed bridge since I don't really like dealing with tremolos (detuning, setup, etc, etc.) and I just like the sustain. I recently came across some vids on youtube with guitars equipped with piezo electronics and did some research on them. There's a kit that a company called graphtech sells that includes the sensors in saddles. Will they fit the bridge on my RG3EXFM1? The only offerings they had were strat bridges and import strat bridges.
that's the link to the page if you're wondering.

edit: if this needs to be moved to another section, feel free, I just realized this probably be better somewhere else.
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