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Be sure to check out the newly founded Swedish rocktrio Bridge to Mars (also referred to as BTM)
- if you like great heavy rock flavoured with old school progressive elements.

* JJ Marsh is almost exclusively using his floral pattern Ibanez JEM77FP for this band!!! *

The trio is consisting of:

JJ Marsh - Guitars / Vocals
Thomas "Pomma" Thorberg - Bass / Backing Vocals
Thomas Broman - Drums and cowbell

Bridge to Mars Official Facebook page:

Here are Youtube links for their two released demos to date:

In a white light

River of disillusion

Demos are recorded and mixed by Mats Ericsson.

The music has progressive elements with a retro vibe (we're talking progressive like Gary Moore/Randy Rhoads/Bob Daisley intended from the early 80s, not the overly pretentious progressive kind) but with its own originality and melodies with hooks. Definitely less 70s vibe than JJs last project called "Planet Marsh". More 80-90-00s.

The band is based in Stockholm, Sweden but not signed by any label yet. Demo-recordings are continuing in hopes of later getting signed by a suitable european label.

JJ Marsh is famous from his time with Spellbound in the 80s och with Glenn Hughes and HTP (Glenn Hughes, Joe Lynn Turner) in the 90-00s. He has played on stage with Scott Gorham, John Sykes, Frank Marino, Chad Smith, Morgan Agren and many more.

Thomas "Pomma" Thorberg has played alongside many greats - sadly I do not know all of them from memory. He played with John Norum and lately he teamed up with Lee Kerslake for a short while. He is a permanent member of the band Plankton, albeit they don't tour that often. He must be the best, not widely known, bass player I have ever seen.

Thomas Broman has also played with numerous bands. He was a permanent member of HTP (which was a project consisting mainly of JJ Marsh's song writing and Glenn Hughes and Joe Lynn Turners singing). He also played with Electric Boys, John Norum, Nikolo Kotzev and many more on a consistent basis.

Please check out the new demo songs and tell me what you think about them and the band. Visit their Facebook page to follow any updates or subscribe to their YouTube channel.

(My involvement is that I sometimes help JJ Marsh with his guitar rig. Any questions about his guitar rig and his sound I should be able to answer.)
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