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Bright Flamboyant Guitars
Written by IbanezFreak777

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Why do I like flamboyant colored Ibanez guitars? Every time I buy a guitar, it always ends up being an over-the-top color or design. Maybe it's because when I finally save up enough cash, I just can't waste it on a dull understated color. Maybe I am in some way, trying to full fill a childhood fantasy, to own a bright or interesting guitar. Maybe if I were cashed up, I could buy one of each flavor. But because I'm not, my purchases have to be exactly what my heart desires, and if that's a hideous swirly thing, then so be it.

At age three, my parents got me onto playing classical piano. Basically, years of boring classical music, wasted on a young child, who would eventually grow up to love the neo- classical sounds of Yngwie Malmsteen. Just before my 12th Birthday, I hinted to my parents that I wanted to change instruments and learn the guitar.

A year had passed and the acoustic guitar was all I played, which convinced my folks to get me an electric guitar. So in the most uncool shopping experience of my life, my mother took me to the biggest guitar store in Melbourne: Allan's Music. Not knowing anything about electric guitars, all my thirteen year old brain knew was that it had to look cool and shiny. It was a La Grange Ranger Deluxe, metallic red, with gold hardware and S-S-H configuration. It was my first teenage love.

The feeling I got from buying that first electric guitar was amazing, and I have been chasing the dragon ever since. This may be the reason why I have an addiction to bright colored guitars, especially Ibanez. After playing guitar for a few years, I found the music of Steve Vai. The introduction to Vai's music and his choice in guitars was the perfect mixture to send me further down the rabbit hole.

So I got myself an Ibanez catalogue, which had all sorts of sweet looking guitars. Inside I found the Ibanez JEM line, in its fluorescent colors and awesome looking extras. Knowing all too well, I was not going to afford this guitar, I retired to the fact that I had a better chance of getting something a little bit cheaper. So I flipped the pages until I stumbled on an RG550 in DY (Desert Yellow).

With my goal in sight, I found my next purpose in life: to somehow buy this amazing guitar. I was in my early teens, and would go to bed each night with the catalogue. Studying every page, reading about each model, what color options were available, and all the tech specs. I fell asleep each night with the catalogue gripped in my tight little hands, until I ended up buying the RG550.

After waiting for a six month order on the guitar because of the desert yellow color, I finally got my Excalibur's sword. I walked in to the guitar store, and the shop brought out the Ibanez in its case inside an unopened box. We opened it to check for damage and obviously to check it out. Shop assistants and other guitar shoppers gathered around, and I opened the case. The wow factor was evident that very moment. The Desert Yellow was so bright it was literally glowing. At that moment I felt like the luckiest teenager in the world.

The emotions I felt, from the buildup of searching for my guitar, to ordering it, to finally having it, has stuck with me all these years. It shaped who I am as a guitarist, how I played guitar from that day onwards, and why I play, which excitement, anticipation and enjoyment.

This must be the reason why I can't go past a bright guitar, or something that is different from the norm. I know my story isn't the only one like it, I can imagine the same scenario, many times over, happening to many of Jemsite's members. Some of them grew out of it, and others, like me, chase the dragon, in the hopes of recapturing that moment of taking home a sexy looking Ibanez. It's an addiction, which I never plan to stop.

Maybe if I had grown up in the 60's or the 70's my guitar choices would be very different. But this is Jemsite, and the Ibanez Jem is the lovechild of the 80's. It's my very reason for frequenting Jemsite, and loving the Ibanez guitar. I understand the love for a classy looking guitar with understated looks, I really do. It just seems I'm stuck in the 80's / 90's when I was young and guitarists ruled the world.
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