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That boy is a freak and I esp like the story where Shawn Lane told some magazine that Kaiser Nancarrow (the intro tune to "The Tri-Tone Fascination") can not be played by any guitarist on the planet, mainly because it was edited from single notes but Buckethead took this as a challenge and learned to play it.
Here's the story as told by the great late Shawn Lane
Shawn Lane said:
What that is was, I have been pretty obsessed for a little while with the music of Conlon Nancarrow, so I wanted to try to express something like that with the guitar and I wanted to do note combinations that I didn't think could be done on the guitar. So actually what I did is constructing it by recording every note separately. So I actually just would play a note and then record however long I wanted the tone to be. If I wanted it to be longer I'd record longer, for shorter notes I just recorded for a second. And I literally just constructed it note-by-note over a couple of night's time. Thousands of notes. I wanted to make combinations of notes that couldn't be played, I was pretty convinced they couldn't be. So I did that as a stand-alone loop about 8 years ago and a bootleg tape of it got in the hands of buckethead. And nobody told him that I didn't play it, that it was assembled on tape with guitar. And so he tried to sound like that by tapping and based a lot of his style on that tape. So it's Conlon Nancarrow influencing me influencing Buckethead. It became it's own style. But I think it's funny because it was because of a misunderstanding. He didn't know that I didn't play it so he assumed that it could just be played. Well, when I constructed it, I constructed it specifically so it could not be played. And he didn't know that, so he achieved something going (imitates Buckethead playing fast) by tapping them in wide intervals. It's a weird story (laughs)
Anyone who can play something the great Shawn Lane considered unplayable is a major freak...too bad the dude is so obscure.

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