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Personally, for shredder type guitars, if the overall built is decent (and most of guitars today fit the bill, even the GIO and parallels of other brands) it was never about the wood/pickups, but all about the trem, being the crucial part of the equation.!

So, since there is so much potential budget options, yet all of them coming stock with less than stellar trem i was wondering which budget model would be most reachable budget-wise for upgrading to a well-equipped machine, trem wise...

Since Schaller Floyd Rose Lockmeister (if i got it right, the most affordable, yet quality made, variant of the real thing) i am personally particularly interested in which models come with its stock tremolo direct drop-in interchangeable with the Schaller...?

ps: i am aware that top of the line trems come on higher grade of guitars along with Luther upgraded copmponents, as people who want top trem want other things to be top shelf...
But, first thing first...:D
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