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Building a Jem Replica

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High All.

I have been around for some time but never post cause anything i need to ask is usually in the forum somwhere.But i need to ask now.

I bought an Ibanez Rg 1550 prestige a few months ago now and love it.Changed the pikups to joe and fred in green,Coloured volume tone knobs etc all green.

But i have been reading for along time now all i can find on setting up a guitar ,routing claw and monkey grip etc.

So here goes:

I bought a cheap Ibanez GRG 270B £179 and want to test out turning it into a jem like guitar.I have got all the measurements i need for all the routing but i have only measured buy rule and everything appears to be located in the same place pickups and knobs etc.But as this cheap 270 has no pick guard and i dont want to pull my rg apart to see would a jem pick guard go straight on this guitar.

I know this is prob a real silly question but i just cannot find anything about this in the quick search off the forum.

Also big thanks to all you guys in the forum you all have no idea how much you have helped me without posting a word from,setting up my guitar to trem posts wirring pickups cleaning ....................

Any help would be apprecated and if its in the forum some where a link would be super.

thanks guys
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I want to get a jem scratch plate for this guitar will it fit
Pretty easy. The bodies should be the same, so start with two of the links up there ^. EKG and Picguard Paradise (support Jemsite). The four-letter auction site and Universal Jems (not 100% sure if they have pickguards, though) come to mind as well.

P.S. It's not a cheap guitar because of the lack of a guard, you know. I'm actually more pleased by a guard-less guitar. But that's a topic for a different thread.
Thank you for the help i just got answered back from the guy whom makes the pick guards and he could no say if they where the same.I am just going to wait till i need a string change and strip my rg down.This will give me a chance to go through the cleaning process on riches site.

I will post back when i nee a bit more help guys thanks all apprecated
Just to let you know in case anyone else is doing similar.The pik guards for a JEM do fit the grg range off guitars perfect no alinement probs at all.
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