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I'm cleaning out my studio...again, and parting with stuff I'm no longer attached to. For sale I have the following:
Ibanez UE-400 in excellent condition, w/footswitch...$250.00 shipped.
Marshall 9004 preamp, gold face, mint with original power supply...$160.00 shipped.
Tube Works Blue Tube II, in perfect condition, w/power supply...$160.00 shipped.
Tube Works Tube Driver, excellent condition with minor rack rash, w/power supply,
$150.00 shipped.
Chandler Delay, excellent condition,(will remove the sticker from the faceplate), $260.00 shipped.
Digitech GSP21 Pro w/ footcontroller and original box, in great condition...$135.00 shipped.
Lee Jackson Perfect Connection GP1000 preamp, near mint...$350.00 shipped.
All of the above items work perfectly.
Links to pics are here: http://photobucket.com/RedWitch_01
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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