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Buying my first Ibanez in a week! Help? :)

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Hello people!

I'm new around here. I'll buy my first (electric) guitar soon. This site seems to be a very good place to ask for advice as a beginner.
So, I want to buy a guitar that has a warm, beefy tone for the style of metalcore, industrial metal, sludge, djent, and generally heavier stuff like these genres.

I've been considering these models, just not sure yet:

- Ibanez GRGR121EX (This was my original plan for my budget)
- Cort Z42 (Another possible choice for the same price as 121's)

More expensive ones:

- Ibanez SZ520QM (Looks like a dream, but all the videos show a bit weak sound?)
- Ibanez RGA32 (Sounds good, but not sure if those active pickups are great)
- Ibanez RGR321EX (Seems to be a pretty popular piece)
- Ibanez ART120 (There are rather diverse opinions about its humbuckers, made in China :/)

My question is, which would be ideal for my purposes? Any opinions?

When I'll become experienced in playing the guitar, I'm planning to detune it with a new set of thicker strings (maybe even to B standard).
Later I'm also planning to install Seymour Duncan Blackouts in it.

Please give me some advice! Thanks! :)
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Thank you for your answer. :)

I'm not eagerly interested in used models, and there aren't too many in my region. And yes, I'm staying away from any tremolo.
Regarding the €200 GRGR121EX, compared to the €400 RGR321EX, the only major difference are the pickups. Same basswood body and bolt-on neck, fixed bridge and 24 frets. Would it really worth paying another €200 (a set of SD Blackouts' price) for it? And why?
id recomend a rg321, really good guitars for the price. in that price range, you WILL NOT find a better neck, plus it is mahogany.
RG321 has mahogany body, but it's only available in the States. RGR321 has a basswood body and it's available in my country also. (Hungary, Central Europe)

It has AANJ neck too. I'll check them out live on 4th of July (the store moves to another address, and they'll have 10-30% discount). Mostly 10% on guitars though.


Could someone suggest a really great guitar under €380? :)

(Sorry for no www's, I'm unable to post link yet. I have to have at least 10 posts for that.)
The RGA32 would probably be really good for what you want.
Yeah, I'm considering the RGA32. They say it's a rather heavy guitar which I don't mind because I like if something has material in it. When I buy a new optical mouse, the first thing I do is disassemble it right away, and glue some fishing lead in it to get a better feel for my hand. :D
However, it's pickups are not suited very well for clean settings, sounds too digital, but a few years later I'll install SD Blackouts anyway.
The other I'm considering would be the SZ520QM, which has surprisingly weak sound on all the videos (even the HD ones with really good amplification), somewhat powerless, like the "attack" of the string picks are nonexistent.

All in all, I'll test them live in the store to decide which one I could fall in love with.
And I wish they sold RG321MH in Europe. :D
I think I'll choose the SZ520QM.
Oh geez... I almost ordered the SZ520QM, and they've removed the item from the webshop I was browsing for a week now... There's only one shop left in my country that's selling this type. I'm gonna call them if it's in perfect factory condition (considering its production ended in 2007), and if yes, I'll order it. Probably the last piece in my country. Wish me luck. :)
I'm totally broken. :( The last SZ520QM was sold... I sooo wanted this masterpiece. I have to search for an alternative solution now. :/
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