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From a modest sizzle to thick and fat distortion that sounds like lava burping from a volcano, the Buzz Tone's abilities are presented in the YouTube video below:

Now, there are other videos demonstrating the Buzz Tone, and you definitely can get that early Pink Floyd sound (e.g., The Piper at the Gates of Dawn), such as when cranked full the grainy, yet smooth, fuzz becomes thick and dark, ideal for those slow and heavy Death Metal progressions. But, there's more to Buzz Tone's diversity, depending how you use it. With the Depth (mix) of the fuzz/drive up full you can get some very interesting bell-like or horn-like tones when playing in the upper register (particularly on the neck pickup). And with just a modest amount of Buzz Tone in the mix you can make crunch and high-gain amp tones sound more defined, full and harmonic, particularly when you pinch off those lead bends.

Buzz Tone by Jext Telez retails for $229, a typically priced pedal that mimics the germanium tone from the 1960s (associated with early Pink Floyd with a 'Fuzz Face' meets 'Tone Bender' vibe). Solid in construction with some super big knobs (that likely could be dialed with a foot), the Buzz Tone cleans up exceptionally well so that you can play some basic rock 'n roll all the way to the dark netherworld of heavy saturation. The ability to change your voltage output from a moderately aggressive 3V (great when adding to a high-gain amp) to a rambunctious 9V that gives even more character to the harmonics and note definition certainly is a bonus with this type of pedal. And just as important is its simplicity to quickly dial in just the right amount of dirt for many different applications. The two drawbacks is that you can hear the 'click' when you turn it on and off, and with too much Volume/Depth/Voltage the pedal can be a bit 'hissy' (some fine tuning is required and depending on your other equipment). You can find Jext TELEZ pedals on Reverb.com, RogueGuitarShop.com and JextTELEZ.com.

If you like easy-to-use pedals, then Jext TELEZ's Buzz Tone is almost as simple as it gets (more complicated than a single on-off switch, but far from the complexity of some digital gear). The Volume is straight forward, whereas the Depth indicates the degree of the effect, viz., dirt and fuzz. You may have to adjust both aspects depending on what Voltage you choose - 3V, 6V or 9V. As you increase or decrease voltage there is a corresponding change in note definition and intensity of the drive, and this could necessitate some fine-tuning with your other gear depending on what sound you're chasing. Obviously an adjustment would depend whether playing single-coils or humbuckers or a clean amp vs. a dirty/high-gain amp. I found a clean amp can take 6V and 9V no problem, as well as full Depth, if you want to go that route. Conversely, although the Depth could range from a little to a lot with crunch or high-gain amps, I found 3V was enough push (otherwise the sound can become too boisterous and the background 'hisss' can be a bit annoying when not playing). Both single-coil and humbuckers tend to respond very well to the Buzz Tone.

Measuring in at 3.75 x 4.75 inches (9.5 x 12.0 cm), the sharp looking gold lettering and graphics on white paint envelop a solid steel chassis. The LED 'on-off' light is far situated from the foot switch, as is the toggle switch for the Voltage Output selection. The footswitch has a nice springy feel to it, followed by a solid click when switching. The guitar cable input and output both are located on the sides, but with this being a somewhat wide pedal there's plenty of room for your foot to avoid hitting any cables. The power input is located in the back, saving it from potential strain when switching the Buzz Tone on and off. The large plastic knobs for Depth and Volume are of heavy construction and the pots feel of good quality when turned.
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