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Okay, here's the story. One day while bored and looking (drooling*) over J-customs on the Japanese Ibanez website, and advertisement popped up.

On the Japan Ibanez website on the homepage was a link to a band called Byzantine, who were endorsing the S-series guitars. I thought i might aswell to kill time and clicked on the sound samples. They were all of solo's with the S-series guitars. I have to say, they were pretty impressive. Ofcorse, not to be impressed by just solo's, i wrote down the band name and left it off for a bit.

Then, one day in town while in MVC and looking at CD's (looking for Steve Vai's Real Illusions:Reflections) i noticed Byzantine's album "And They Shall Take Up Serpents". I though, "Well, it's only £7 odd, i might aswell"
'Corse, i hid it behind some other CDs and went to get some money ;)

So, now after i bought it and listened to it on the way home in the car, i noticed how GREAT this band are! I strongly recoment them, because they're quite heavy metal, with solo's but not any weak stuff like all the bands you see around nowadays. They're very technical yet not over-technical. The solo doesn't sound like they made-way for it. It sounds like part of the song :p

Anyways, long story short, i strongly suggest people check this band out. I only heard of them from Ibanez's site, but i'm glad i did. I guess looking (drooling*) over J-customs on Ibanez's site does pay off ;)

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