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California jemsiters: Your help please

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Anyone in california who can help? im planning a move from NY to CA and need information on utility rates. so i need the rates for gas, electric, and water bills. any help is appreciated. also, any useful websites wouldn't hurt. thanks in advance.
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I live in Vegas, but from what I remember, CA is somewhat comparible to NV in some areas. Housing is expensive as hell in CA. Utilities shouldn't be that much further behind what I pay. Gas is about $40 a month, electric is about $120 a month in the sumer. I pay about $30 for water. I've got two cell phones (one for me and one for the wife) and that's pretty much the same everywhere.
I'm paying $1,000 a month in rent for a 3 bedroom house, but that's actually very cheap for where I am.

I believe Southwest Gas will be the company you go through for gas.

I too am from NY. It's a big change from NY to the west coast : )
awesome, thanks for the info. yea, i think it'll be a huge change when i get there!

any other comments are more than welcome. thanks
Yeah, knightmeir is pretty close on the averages. Rent is crazy, but all depends on where you're at in So Cal. I lived in upstate New York a couple of years back. Utility Prices don't seem to be much different.

later, Jeremy
i agree slowcmfrtablscrw that knighmeir hits pretty close to average with his estimates and that location has much to do with rent prices
thanks for the help with the utility prices and what not. i'm in upstate NY so i guess i shouldn't expect to much of a difference in prices then. I'm looking to go to GIT so I'm currently checking out burbank and glendale. i want to be close to the school but i was told to stay out of the hollywood area b/c its not the safest place. any other ideas on where to rent? thanks guys, been very helpful.
Get roommate(s), you're in for a shock on rent.
i've got 2 roomates. i'm definitely planning on high rent, unfortunately.
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