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Can'y get low action from the 12th fret down

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Can't get low action from the 12th fret down

Hey guys, I have a question. I recently bought a 2003 Jackson DX10FS from a pawn shop, and I'm trying to get the action to my liking. I have eyeballed the neck relief, and I have a very small gap at the 7th fret where you are supposed to check it. (Probably a gap the size of a thin pick or less. Anyway, I have lowered the licensed floyd rose down as far as it will go, and the action at the 12 fret is .50mm. I can't seem to figure out what else to do? I did change the 9's and went to 10's. Would that have an effect? I don't see how adding more relief will help my problem. Any suggestions????
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you might need a shim under the neck too maybe.

If you've lowered the trem as far is it can go and your action is still too high, then you need to adjust the neck angle.
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