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Desperate times are parting me from my gear it seems.
My Horus is brand new and mint and that's a hard feat to accomplish with availability how it is.

The guitar is a Black Knight model, looks absolutely glorious in person, gold harware with no fading.

Set up perfectly and putting all comers to shame. 27 frets worht of the most comfortable neck on earth imo. Has a ph-r in the bridge which is caparisons best pickup in most people's opinions, it's like a superbly over the top paf with tons of harmonics.
Also has 2 extra factory pickups.
Case and all goodies included.

Due to my ****ty circumstances I can't include pics at this time but serious inquiries will receive some.

This is the best of 4 caparisons I have owned and it is ahead of all the dozens of Ibanez guitars i've owned.

I've played it less than 2 hours and the frets are mint and super smooth. It is ready to perform like a F1 car

Trades plus cash would be ideal, looking for fixed bridge guitars and medium/high gain amps.

Cash price would be $1,350

Not a huge fan of single coils unless it's a lp junior or something like that.
tons of references and I WOULD NOT be getting rid of this guitar if I hadn't been robbed recently and jaded with floyds.
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