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Carvin Legacy For Sale!!!!!

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Item for sale:CARVIN LEGACY VL212 COMBO AMP!!!

Description & Condition:Item is only 2 months old, and I need to sell pronto. Financial woes are behind this. Will accept any reasonable offer, and contact asap. Can pay for shipping. Will insure item when certified monies are established.

Asking Price: $850 or best offer!!!!

My Location:Louisville, KY
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Hi Virtuoso.

I've been searching for a Carvin Legacy Combo amp everywhere (I posted a WTB thread here for one earlier). You have any pictures you can send me? Or any recordings? Thanks.

My email address is [email protected]
Hi, I'm interested in the combo, channel pedal included? accepting credit card? send me full info and pics of good quality (this doesn't mean huge size, I mean good focus, good light) to my e-mail addy [email protected] thanx!!
This Item Is Sold!!! Lock This One Up Please

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