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I was wondering what kind of stuff is valued (and what not) and payed for when we talk about collector guitars in mint condition.

Lets say a DNA:
Ppl pay more if you still have the paperbox ?
They pay less when the manual is missing ?
They pay less for a missing or used guitar strap ?

Imagine, you find an unboxed DNA !!!
(I think Jim Root once found same Gibson Custom shop unopened after 10 years in his basement)

Once I read about an untouched ´59 Burst, which still had the hanger from the shop. That's what collectors dream about ?

Your thought and stories are most appreciated.

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I remember a dealer trying to sell an unboxed DNA years ago for a massive premium. Having the box is one thing, never opening it to know what the swirl is like, it was idiotic. It could have been a dog looking for a bone.

DNA never had a strap.
Candy worth more the better the DNA is. if it's a dog who cares if it has it's candy there's little market for the guitar. If it's great it's the opposite. Just as condition, if it's a beater your value can be half.
Desirable MINT DNA
Original box + $1000
Missing sleeping bag - $500
Missing cert - $750
Missing case - $1000
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