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Celestion Century/Vintage Neodymiums

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Just wondering if anybody's tried these speakers yet? They're supposed to be based on Classic Lead 80's and Vintage 30's with different magnets that are much lighter, more powerful, and generally quicker to respond.

I was thinking about ordering a couple 4x12's from Avatar (one with V30's and one with CL80's), then the Neodymiums caught my eye. They're a lot more expensive, but could be worth it if it could shave 20lbs off a 4x12.

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Those are wicked expensive, I never considered them until now, because I just thought of the possiblities of a lightweight cab. . . .hmm.

Im just afraid I would like it too much, then I'd want nothing but neodymiums, which would be an expensive whim to satisfy.
Yeah, the more I think about it, it's really hard to justify that much additional cost. Two 4x12's loaded with V30's and CL80's would be $830-880, and two 4x12's loaded with the equivalent Neo's would be $1510. For that much of a premium, I can't imagine it being worth it to shave 20lbs off each cab. Esp. since the Neo's sound different (not necessarily better) than the V30's and CL80's, which are proven entities.

Given how infrequently my band plays, it would be a better deal for me to go with the V30's and CL80's, save $700, and use that money to bribe people to haul my cabs around for me.

Somehow I doubt they even sound as good as V30s or Classic Leads too, but maybe better, but I doubt it.

I can lift a few extra pounds to save $20 (helps keep me in shape!), and as you said the difference is more like a few hundred (the Century models are about twice of a standard speaker!).

Both the Classic Leads and V30s are excellent speakers - two of my favorites. You can't go wrong with either.
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