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Hey for all you SRV fans... check out Albert Cummings (http://www.albertcummings.com). He is from my town.

I had first seen him in New Years Eve, 1998 I think. He was great. I knew a couple of his bandmates at the time and was talking with them and Albert after the show a bit and was disappointed to learn that he was not playing out very much. He was way too good.

The next time I saw him was 2 years later when he started playing out again and he had really progressed a long way - got the SRV thing down as well as anyone. Since he's been finding his own sound.

He recorded his seocnd album with Double Trouble, SRVs old band. And time to time they are his touring band as well. For his northeast gigs he plays with his local band which includes my friend from high school who has also played with BB King. He played with him when he opened for BB King at the BB King blues club, a show that I almost went to. Would have been cool going to a show and seeing my friend on drums not knowing he was going to be there.

If you like his studio work, you really should see him live though, that's where he's at his best.
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