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Check out the new axe!!

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Its arrived!! Ibanez Prestige RG2550. Ordered it from Sweetwater. Still required a good 30 minutes of labor to get it playable, but once I got done with it it played like butter. Theres a couple of dead spots in the neck, but nothing major.

The Dimarzio IBZ pickups are super high output, albiet muddy at mid to high gain settings. Overall far superior to Ibanez's usual stock pickups, I was impressed.

I have a proper Dimarzio (Fred or Tonezone, i'm undecided at this piont) , and a Fernandes Sustainer on order for this thing, I'll let you know how it goes.

This guitar is a helluva lot like a Jem. So much so that i'm almost feeling I made a mistake in shelling out so much $$ for VWH i've had for a year or so. Almost.... Truthfully the sound of Evo's in Alder > IBZs in basswood. The Jem's neck feels better too, the new RG's neck is super thin, and was mega-dry when I first got it. I've been working on oiling it up. I'm on the 3rd application now. I guess that mustve happened in transit.

Here's some photos. Fair warning, the first one is life size!!


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Congratz but the link to Yahoo doesn't work ;).


i got one and they are sweet , just in the process of changing all the stock pickups, and when i do i will drop the original scratchplate back on (white jem ones on it now) i love the neck but prefer the feel of the thicker jem neck.

All in all a lovly guitar :)

ps is it blue or galaxy black?
Congrats on your new axe. Link doesn't work. It says I dont have permission. ;)
Put a Breed in the bridge and your axe will truly shine! :mrgreen:

Congrats on your guitar, by the way.
ditto to the breed. i have just re done my 2550 with the breed tonezone and boy what a change, think bahamut has seen my post allready :)
Putting a Fred in the bridge. Its taken so freaking long because the Fernandes Sustainer I ordered for the thing wouldn't fit without practically routing a hole through the guitar, so I sent it back and ordered a Sustainiac Stealth Plus. FYI, from what I've read the stealth plus does everything a Fernandes sustainer does with almost twice the battery life, AND functions as a sweet sounding neck pickup as well. Its also less than half the size. I'll post my thoughts on the sound once its finished and in my hands.

Its actually in the shop right now, and the luthier doing the work for me says it'll be done Tuesday.

I am so stoked I could almost crap myself.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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