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check this out!!!!!!is this real???????

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check this out 4 bucks cash,,and about 450 shipping but is this real???? e**** 7350497635
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crock of ****

beautiful white electricity guitar
:lol: :lol: hahahahahaha :lol: :lol:

i dont even see the word 'JEM' on the page... looks like the guy doesn't even know what he's on about..
It could either be a scam or a clueless seller who doesn't know what he's selling. :)
Or he's depending on clueless people not paying attention. ;)

size: INCH
No it isn't!

Not so long ago i was cruising on the web just looking at some prices of a few jems and i came across a VERY cheap jem. It was the same as you posted here. It turned out to be a company/ person that makes jem replica's.
The add said something like get the same quality for more than half the price.

And they make them in different colors too... If you look closely at the body you see its a little wider than your regular jem, if ill find some pics or the add ill post them.

so, don't be fooled!

Not that a person that knows something about jems will be fooled by it;)
I wrote the seller and asked simply for the make and model of the guitar, and pretended I thought it was a Fender Stratocaster. This is what he just replied,

Dear friend:
We collected all our goods from our country's authentic ancient antiques market. We are not the specialist£¬ we don't know the exact condition of the goods.

:rolleyes: His command of English seems enough to have answered my question if he really wanted to....
et6666 said:
...our country's authentic ancient antiques market
Funny, that. I've never seen an antique electric guitar. :p
Sounds like an inch long lil scale model... He even babbles about jade stuff, jewelry collectables, etc...
Sounds more like an inch long earring/pendant.
have to agree with rich and the others that said its a small guitar , i checked it out yesterday and the fist thing i thought was thats a model.

hey if it was real i dont like the white ;)
The shipping price is GBP 220, although high, around the airfreight cost of a full size guitar, they quoted shipping on each of their other items that sounded at least ballpark. I think its a cheap jem replica. Someone called elcid bid on it, there's an elcid on this forum, lets ask him?
Yeah, I did bid on it out of curiosity. You all may think I'm a bum but I'm not going through with it, the more I think about it the fishier it is. I'm going to look more into it though. I was going to go through with it under the assumption that I would get screwed and could bust the guy, but I don't have the $400 for shipping just to try to catch a scammer.
I don't think you're a bum, I was considering a bid out of curiosity too, and just in case the seller didn't know what he had in his hands. The photos don't show the guitar clearly, and I got no joy from the seller so it was too scary for me. I wish you good fortune though if its not a replica and the real deal, it would be the deal of the century!!!
look at his feedbacks!!!!!!!! only 97.6%!!!!! 40transactions! never deal with a guy like that.If he could have had for example 11851 tarnsactions, the 97.6% is **** as well.But from 40????!!!!

This ****head sould go to jail, no question. I wrote him to stop that fake auction, because there are a lot of poeople on the web who know "you are fake!"

I am a well experienced -b-a-y-e-r so believe me it is fake!
These guitars are the reason Ibanez introduced the 333 into the Asian market - these cheap copies retail for under $200 in China and it's very, VERY clear that it's not a jem.
It's a cheap Chinese knock off so don't waste your hard earned cash on it.

Also this is NOT a scam as the guy does not claim anywhere that the product is a Jem or that it was made by Ibanez.
It just says "beautiful white electricity guitar".........

There was a guy on here who bought one a while ago - it was called Spider CH-3 and he had detailed pictures posted but I can't find them.

This is the manifacturer's site


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