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Hey guys it's been a while since I dropped in and I just wanted to say hello. Things are going well for me these days, and the family is still growing. If you remember, my wife had twin girls last January and (make sure you're sitting down) she's due to have another in May. That brings the total to 5 children [err deductions, I think I may be able to buy a couple of Bad Horsies this spring!] (1 boy 4 girls - unless the ultrasound is hiding something.)

I've been working as a sales manager for Pepsi in Michigan for almost three years and about 8 months ago I was "promoted" and given a large territory in the Pontiac Michigan area. Last year I sold 1,800,000 cases and netted <$14,000,000! That's a lot of soda and a lot of responsibility (can you believe they trust me?!?)

Anyhow, haven't been playing much lately but I am working on a little project which is shaping up slowly but surely.

Hope everyone is doing well.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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