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Choking frets at the octave...7vwh

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Hey guys, i have a 2002 jemvwh, i noticed that on the octave position tapped notes dont come out loud, there have a low or no volume at all, the more i move towards the 24th fret, those frets doesnt buzz though.
however the neck have a slight curve to the inside, the opposite of a bow, just a slight curve (starting from the 12th fret towards the 1st)... could it be the reason? everything below the octave position is normal...
the action is a bit high, but i dont think its an issue cos i have another guitar with a higher action and it taps wonderfully everywhere...
what could it be?
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Might wanna try loosening your truss bar... sounds like it may be too tight... and bowing your neck too much.
hey man i found the problem, it wasnt the frets, its just that i have a problem in the electronics and the pickups are running at half their power. thats why i get the feeling that the notes are chocking, since they barely make it to the amp.
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