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Hi There!

I got this Ibanez RG2550 as my main axe and i'm waiting to trade my ESP EC-500 to RG550.
Now i got those dmz/ibz stock pickups(very very lame in every level compared to my ex-washburns Distortion/59 set) in my RG and i want more "oomph, like Gilbert says it" and i'm going to get a Tone Zone for it and stick it in the bridge ofcourse. To that RG550 i'm getting D Sonic, because after reading all the reviews about it it just seems right for me.
I play a lot that "solo-nonsense :)" like vai, petrucci, satriani etc and metal, so i guess thats why i need two guitars atleast. With friends we play thrash metal, rock and mindless shred or at least we try to...

Planning to play on standard E with my 2550, and tune the 550 into drop C.
I ain't got any extra money or desire to change pups all the time so i'm trying to get tones right on the first time. Which neck pickups would give variety and which would match with D Sonic when playing in drop C? I've heard that AN is the solution for everything but would Paf Pro or Paf Joe be clearer when playing metal? Which neck pickups would you guys recommend for me for these guitars? And are Tone Zone and D Sonic the answer for the variety i need?

Thanks already! :)
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