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Ibanez Jem555 (1994)

The story behind this Jem5 is that it's an early/test/prototype production model. It was built in 1994 and is an early oddball compared to the rest of the Jem5s that year. The pickgaurd came in flat white and not pearl, and the headstock says Jem and not Jem Jr. like the rest of them. Pickups are PAF Pros and not the original Evos which were taken out. Trem is a lo trs trem and is shot. I actually put a piece of wood in it to lock it down since it wasn't working like it should. No trem bar included (because the trem doesn't work...). I took the control knobs off, but I'll see if I can find them. Cheapos were on it anyway. No case is included (didn't come with one).

Guitar has many knicks (noted in photos) and typical cracking in the body where the neck starts.

This guitar is definitely, definitely a fixer-upper, can be used for just the body and neck, or for collecting purposes. If you put in an OFR trem in this, it'd be sure to be a decent guitar, along with some other mods to it.

Please message me for more info. I'm putting this up to see if there's any interest in it at all... getting tired of it sitting around and me not wanting to fix her up =). I'm asking $400 for it, but I'm not sure that that would be accurate considering how I haven't seen many of these. I've seen exactly ONE of these early models in all of my years since I bought it in '99, and it was on the net.


Take note that the backplate is off in the pic, but is included.

Jackson Kelly K-10 Pro.

This is actually a musician's friend special release. This wasn't available anywhere but musician's friend back in 98 or 99 or so, and I happened to grab one. This Kelly is basicially just a standard Kelly with a licensed OFR style trem. The bridge pickup was taken out (can't find it) because a Duncan was put into the bridge. Trust me that this was the best mod that this guitar could have gotten for metal riffage =)

The guitar is built like a tank and is VERY heavy (pun intended), and comes with an oversized Kelly case. This will be a lot to ship because of size and weight.

The only thing wrong with this is the pickup selector switch, besides there not being a volume knob (I think it's laying around somewhere). The 3-way selector switch has been an ongoing problem with Jackson guitars and you can definitely find more info about it on the net. A selector switch is only $10-$15 dollars and is the only thing that you'd have to add to this guitar for it to be 100% working. When trying to switch pickups, you have to keep flicking the switch a bit for it to finally 'click' and for the tone to come out completely.

I'm asking $400 w/case. Please contact me for more info about it.

Shipping for both items will be worked out, and I'll make sure to give an accurate price on the actual shipping.

http://i96.photobucket.com/albums/l179/TheMagicHoof/guitar/IMG_1775.jpg (old picture)

Back plate for Kelly also included, just have it off in the pics.

Message me for any questions, picture requests, etc.

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Some more pics of the Kelly w/case.


The case had many-a-sticker that I took off and is beat up on the outside. Looks alright on the back of it. The inside of it looks almost as good as new.

I also forgot to mention that there's a locking strap mod on the Kelly. Instead of fitting a strap onto it every time, there's a click/locking mod on it that you can use with any strap to save time.
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