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Coil Tap!!

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Hi there,

I've finally got my schematics etc and about the install my DiMarzios, BUT I wanted to coil tap all my pickups (especially my bridge humbucker). So I can't use one SPDT Mini switch for all three pickups (H/S/S - technically H/H/H) but I found this for One Mini toggle:


I understand the coil cut, but my SPDT is On/On. How can I set it up to be OFF/ON? Or does the website mean - On (humbucker)/On (coil Tap)

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Not a help with the wiring, but using 2 DPDT switches gives you the option of keeping your humbuckers in different states without the hassle of switching all the time mid song, i.e. humbucking bridge with single coil mode neck.


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