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Coil Tap!!

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Hi there,

I've finally got my schematics etc and about the install my DiMarzios, BUT I wanted to coil tap all my pickups (especially my bridge humbucker). So I can't use one SPDT Mini switch for all three pickups (H/S/S - technically H/H/H) but I found this for One Mini toggle:


I understand the coil cut, but my SPDT is On/On. How can I set it up to be OFF/ON? Or does the website mean - On (humbucker)/On (coil Tap)

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So coil tap and coil splitting is almost the same just a different wiring configuartion? Or is the tapping with single coils and splitting with 4 conductors. I guess another way of saying tapping in the musicial world is Coil cut which kinda links into splitting1 :D
Tapping refers to a single coil pickup that has a "tap" on it. Splitting is the same as coil cutting.
Ahh got ya, alos I was just wondeirng, on my Tone Zone, how do I know which coil is being split? North or South?!I'm using an SPDT switch?
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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