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So I'm pretty excited to try this. I recently picked up an RG7620VK & am doing a number of mods to it. One of which is color matching the headstock. At first, I was gonna go to Sherwin Williams and get a color-matched rattle can for about $50. Then, my touch-up nail polish showed up, which is an out-of production Revlon color called Crimson. I originally got it to do touch-ups on the body but it is SO CLOSE to the VK color, and I mean.... identical, that I wanted to find a way to just use it to paint the headstock.

Mind you, the edge of the headstock is messed up & needs to be refinished anyway, so I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to try this. So last night, I ordered a cheap $50 airbrush kit off Amazon.

My plan is:

-Remove Neck, Hardware from Headstock
-Lightly sand existing headstock finish
-Shoot a rattle can primer on the headstock, sanding smooth
-Mix fingernail polish with acetone to thin it out
-Spray a light, wide pattern until headstock has a nice, uniform coat
-Mix some Revlon clear coat w/ acetone, apply clear coat
-Sand and buff if necessary

Please note, I have never airbrushed before, but consider myself somewhat of a rattle can master. For those of you that have airbrushed, does this all sound right? Thanks!

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Sounds like a cool idea, I have no idea if it will work though. looking forward to hearing your results.

As a caution- A lot of those nail polishes are acrylic enamels...... test first to be sure it's compatible with your primer.
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